Amber powder

Amber is the pride of our country and of the whole Baltic Sea. It was thought to possess incredible magical powers since ancient times. You make a wish and throw amber dust to the fire, and it goes up in flames. This ritual is ideal for weddings, when the clock strikes midnight, or for a birthday or prom night. According to ancient traditions, the newlyweds have to start their family’s fire, and all the loved ones can strengthen it with the force of amber dust. Warm wishes and a full heart of love is sent through this magical ritual. Amber dust will make your celebration unforgettable!

General information


Our amber products are made from the finest Baltic Sea amber. Amber powder and jewelry are completely hand made in Lithuania. During 4 years of experience we did not receive any negative reviews.


Orders are shipped within two days after the confirmation of a successful payment. You can select the delivery and payment type upon checkout.

Amount required

A single person needs about 15-20 grams.


We offer to try throwing amber powder to the fire a few times before performing the ceremony with the guests. Keep some distance from the fire to stay safe during the ceremony.


Fast shipping and delivery. My husband and I were surprised by magic amber powder. Did not know about such thing before.

Anastasia [London, England]

Enjoyed customer service and delivery speed. Amber powder worked as expected. I would recommend for everyone to try it. 🙂

Adolf [Tallinn, Estonia]

Our strengths

Quality 100%
Delivery 100%
Customer service 100%
Packaging 100%

100 grams

  • enough for 4-6 people

200 grams

  • enough for 10-12 people

500 grams

  • enough for 25-32 people

1000 grams

  • enough for 50-60 people

1500 grams

  • enough for 80-100 people

2000 grams

  • enough for 110-130 people